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Math and Economics in the Workplace

Finding how much space within the border of a geometric shape
Resources such as land, labor, or capital that can be used to produce and provide goods and services
Basics a person must have to live
Fraction with a denominator of or multiple of 10
Amount of products and services consumers want to buy
Measuring straight line using ruler, yard stick, or tape measure.
Possessions and money used to increase business
Area = base x height
Visually illustrates an organization's internal structure
Number in the exact middle
Shows relationship between two or more variables
Single company that controls the entire supply of a product or service
Business organization where two or more people go into business together
Invest money or property into a business but do not work in the business
Items a person would like to have, but can live without
People are free to make their own economic decisions; limited government involvement
The number that occurs most frequently
Business with a single owner
Stockholder is only responsible for debts up to the amount of investment
Mathematical average
Pi x r2
Per hundred
Amount of money a business makes from selling goods and services beyond cost of producing them