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Water Cycle Vocabulary

Teacher: Panik Lillian Olson
Repeated pattern of water movement between Earth and the atmosphere
Natural flow of groundwater to Earth's surface
Tiny hole or space
Water that falls to Earth's surface from the atmosphere
Changing of a liquid to a gas
Part of a river where the current is swift
Loop in a mature river
Curved lake formed when a bend in a river is cutt off at both ends.
Low spot in Earth's surface filled with still water
Hole dug below the water table that fills with groundwater
Artificial lake
Changing of a gas to a liquid
Water that collects in pores in soil and sinks into the ground
Lake formed by a retreating glacier
Upper layer of saturated rock and soil
Steep fall of water, as of a stream, from a height
Heated groundwater that erupts onto Earth's surface
Body of water similar to a lake but usually smaller and shallower