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Just a Rocks and Minerals Crossword

What! You're hungry again?!
Learn to pass away the right way!
Night again. What a yawn
A swordfight in a field
Anne! You're dehydrated!
We may randomly tilt you over on your tour
I've counted at least 10 men acting ridiculous tonight
Boo hoo. That's just too bad isn't it?
Wanna have a chat, mate?
Ugh. Stitched too snugly round the waist
It's a fence that opens, y'know?
A diet coke, please
What a silly senior
A raven wouldn't, but these might
Try not to lose them, okay?
I'll do it. I will. I...
0% bark
This gem has a very cynical worldview
Cook your pastries the right way
Rockstar pies?
Now place the keratin in your food processor
Where do you walk? (Hint: not the ceiling.)
A bowl full of frogs and salamanders
Another week of rain?!
Don't take it for granted
Hang on tight, fellow cell!
No, you're definitely NOT early this morning!
Ah! There you are, Mike!
That's terrific dear
Hot outside. Gonna go put this top on