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Sociology Chapter 6: Deviance

When an individual accepts the label of deviant and acts accordingly
A criminal act by an offender that is motivated by some bias, such as sexism, racism, or homophobia
A concept that refers to a situation in which social norms lose their hold over individual behavior.
A specific personality type; such individuals lack the moral sense and concern for others held by most people.
Offenses committed by large corporations in society, including pollution, false advertising, and violations of health and safety regulations.
Theory that proposes even small acts of crime, disorder and vandalism can threaten a neighborhood and render it unsafe.
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Norms that are widely adhered to and have great moral or social significance
Documents that contain official data on crime that is reported to law enforcement agencies that then provide the data to the FBI.
Actions that first cause others to label an individual as deviant.
Recognition that one has less than his or her peers.
Actions, thoughts, or behaviors that do not conform to the norms or values held by most members of a group or society.
Renewed emphasis on crime prevention rather than law enforcement to reintegrate policing within the community.
Criminal activities carried out by organizations established as businesses.
A theory that suggests that people become 'deviant' because certain labels are attached to their behaviors by those of authority.
Criminal activities carried out by those in white-collar, or professional jobs.
Any actions that contravene the laws established by a political authority.
Rules of conduct that specify appropriate behavior in a given situation.
A mode of reward or punishment that reinforces socially expected norms of behavior.
Rules of behavior established by a political authority and backed by state power.