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2. Newton's G and G force

1. Newton's Laws of Motion: J Cuff-Alvarado
Greek Philosopher who felt Moon is unconnected to Earth
THe gravitational force is reciprocal to the square of the planet's distance from it
The strength of gravity depends on mass and
The mount of matter in an object
French philosopher and mathematician who believed planets are whorled around in vortices
If two equal sized bodies suddenly double their mass, how much greater is their gravitational attractive force?
A force also known as a drawing power
Low tide
Brisish scientist who attempted to measure earth's mass in order to calculate earth's gravity.
Used inclined planes to make rate of falling measurable
Newton's biographer
German Astronomer who developed laws of planetary motoin
Of the 4 forces in the universe, this is said to be the strongest.
A metric unit of force needed to accelerate a mass of 1kg per second every second
This book transformed the course of western science
Second most massive planet in our solar system
The gravitational pull of this object is primarily responsible for tides.