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World Geography Review

River in northern China
Desert in western China
2nd major trading city in west Africa
Mountains north of Italy
Desert in North Africa traders crossed for gold and salt
Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean east of China
This peninsula is east of Africa and the Red Sea
Capital of the Roman Empire; home of Vatican City and the Pope today
Muslim Moors from north Africa ruled here for 800 years
Large flat area just west of the Mississippi River in North America
Brings warm water and air to England
Body of water between England & France; William crossed here in 1066
The Rocky mountains are in ________ North America
This desert makes up the large peninsula in Southwest Asia (the Middle East)
City in the Arabian Peninsula; where Islam began
River in North America, flows from Great Lakes south the the Gulf of Mexico
Where St. Patrick preached Christianity
River in west Africa where important trading cities are located
Name of new city in Byzantium. On a peninsula in the Black Sea
Plateau north of the Himalayan Mountains
Sea in between Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula
Mountains between China and India
In western North America
Small body of water west of Africa and the Niger River Valley
These 2 rivers flow through southwest Asia into the Persian Gulf
Body of water just east of the Arabian Peninsula
Mountains that separate Europe from Asia
The boot that sticks out into the Mediterranean
Major trading city in west Africa; home to large universities and libraries
Mountains on the east coast of North America
Home of Henry V, Henry VIII & Queen Elizabeth
Ferdinand & Isabella led the Inquisition here to strengthen the Catholic Church
Peninsula in eastern Asia
This river flows north out of Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea
The Yangtze river is in _____ China
Where Charlemagne and William the Conquerer were from