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The Passion of Jesus Christ according to St. John

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Who handed Jesus over to be crucified? Jn. 19: 15-16.
High priest who counseled that Jesus must die. Jn. 18: 14
Jesus' body is wrapped in these. Jn. 19: 40
After everything was finished so that scripture was fulfilled, Jesus said __. Jn. 19: 28
He brought myrrh and aloes to use in the burial of Jesus. Jn. 19: 39
Pilate tells the priests to judge Jesus according to their what? Jn. 18: 31
He asked for the body of Jesus. Jn. 19: 38
Betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver Jn. 18: 3
The crowds said Pilate is not a friend of whom if he releases Jesus. Jn. 19: 12
The priests want Jesus to die because "he made himself" what? Jn. 19: 7
The Jews wanted the bodies taken down before what day? Jn. 19: 31
Jesus side was opened with a __. Jn. 19: 34
Peter's first denial of Jesus is to the maid. What is her job? Jn. 18: 17
Name of the valley Jesus crossed Jn 18: 1
They (the priests) would not enter here or they would be "defiled" and not able to eat the Passover. Jn. 18: 28
What the soldiers put on Jesus' head. Jn. 19: 2
Jesus came to testify to what? Jn. 18: 37
Who the crowds chose to free instead of Jesus. Jn. 18: 40
One of them struck Jesus. Jn. 18: 22
Where Peter put his sword. Jn. 18: 11
Where they put Jesus' body. Jn. 19: 41
Number of times Peter denied Jesus. Jn. 18: 27
In John 18: 38 what question does Pilate ask Jesus?
How the soldiers decided who would get Jesus' tunic. Jn. 19: 24
Peter struck off his ear Jn. 18: 10
Jewish feast celebrated when Jesus is arrested. Jn. 18: 39
Hebrew word for where Jesus was crucified. Jn. 19: 17
Sprig with wine given to Jesus to drink. Jn. 19: 29
Jesus response when He asked, "Whom are you looking for: Jn. 18: 5
Pilate askes Jesus if he is a __. Jn. 18: 33