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Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate

A process in which deep,cold water rises toward the surface of the ocean.
A measure of how hot or cold something is.
A climate pattern where water near the equator gets hotter than usual and affects the weather around the world; El Nino happens in the Pacific Ocean.
An object, diagram, or computer program that helps us understand something by making it simpler or easier to see.
Ocean water flowing in a continuous path.
Any of Earth's main continuous areas of land, such as Africa, Asia, and North America.
Scientists around the world who share information and ideas.
To move from one object to another or one place to another.
Related to the sun.
An event or process that leads to a result or change.
A result or change that happens because of an event or process.
To use any of the five senses to gather information about something.
The study of weather patterns over a long period of time.
Winds that move in one direction and are strong enough to push ocean currents.
An idea about what might happen that is based on what you already know.
The distance of a place east or west of Earth's prime meridian.
The distance of a place north or south of Earth's equator.
A Giant pattern of moving water that spans whole oceans and moves water from place to place in a circle.
General weather patterns over a long period of time.
The outside or top layer of something.
The imaginary line that divides Earth into northern and southern hemispheres (halves)
The ability to make things move or change.