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Palm Sunday (John 11-17)

Jesus is the ______ and we are the branches.
After Jesus prays he is _______.
Who asked Jesus to show the Father?
The chief priests and the Pharisees called a meeting of the ______, to plot against Jesus.
Jesus road on this majestic creature.
Who served dinner to Jesus and the disciples?
Jesus raised ______ from the dead before traveling to the city.
People laid _____ ______ at Jesus's feet.
According to John, the devil had already entered ______.
Whose feet did Jesus wash as an act of servitude?
Jesus predicts that _____ will deny knowing him.
According to John, where was Jesus anointed?
Which prophet does Jesus talk about in John.
According to John, No one gets to the ________ except through Jesus.
Jesus is welcomed as the King of _____.
Jesus was anointed 6 days before the _______.
People greeted Jesus as a ______.
Palm Sunday starts the final week of _____.
Who was the high priest that year?
The only gospel that shows the timeline of Palm Sunday.
What is the advocate that will come in Jesus's name?
Jesus prays for the disciples as well as all ________.
The town Jesus arrives to.
Jesus says "before the _______ crows you will have denied me 3 times."
What word did people shout when Jesus arrived?