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U.S. History C-Word #2a 2021

Name ___________________
Date _____________
Period #______
Under the Articles of Confederation the only way the National Government could obtain funds was by __ the States to pay taxes the National Government.
If asked on the state test our first President was George?
Our first formal plan for government was the Articles of?
The case of ___ vs Arizona established that all suspects must have their rights read to them before questioning.
A ___ Monarchy is one in which the Monarch must comply with a Parliament.
The purpose of our three branches of government is to create a ___ of powers.
Members of the ___ Court serve a term for the rest of their lives.
The Plessy case dealt with Homer Plessy attempting to ride in the "White Car" on a?
Republicans and democrats are member of political?
The most responsive portion of our national government is the ___ of Representatives.
Evidence obtained illegally is known as fruit of the ___ tree.
Each state is given two representatives in the United States?
The only way to specifically change the constitution is through constitutional?
The case of ____ vs the Board of Education established that "Separate but Equal" was Inherently unequal.
Our first American President was John ____.
The case of ___ vs Ferguson established the principle of "Separate but Equal".
The President's ____ are his official advisors.
When people officially have their crimes forgiven by the President it is known as a Presidential?
There are ___ branches of our national government.
The Articles of Confederation major weakness was the lack of the power of the?