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Colonialism, Visual Culture, and Resistance

A site which Erickson (2016) argues can be transformed into resistance
A socially constructed category based on physical attributes that serves to oppress some people and privilege others.
Removes one's clothes.
Attractive and desirable.
For many trans women of color, conforming to this concept or ideal allows them to avoid and resist harassment, discrimination, and violence (Glover, 2016).
We were stolen from our bodies. We were stolen from... (Driskill, 2004)
TS Madison infamously celebrated this item in her first viral Vine (Glover, 2016).
An aim of queercrip pornography (to) (Erickson 2016; Erickson 2020)
An example of an adaptive device used in queercrip porn to promote crip visibility (Erickson, 2020)
To drastically alter or interrupt
Marginalized people are positioned outside the terms of... (Erickson, 2016)
Coined the concept "cultures of undesirability" (Erickson, 2016)
With erotic, a form of story-telling that resists colonialism and disrupts heteronormative, Westernized notions of sex and sexuality (Driskill, 2004)
With male, what anti-porn feminists argued lesbian porn catered to (Collins, 1998)
Her blonde wig and heels were used as examples of her conformity to respectability politics (Glover, 2016)
Can empower marginalized people while simultaneously reinforcing negative stereotypes (Collins 1998; Glover 2016)
One of the goals of queercrip pornography is to... (Erickson 2016; Erickson 2020)
A result of patriarchal and colonial violence that disproportionately effects marginalized groups of people.
The feeling of being one with each other.
In a capitalist society, this trait can only be applied to productive bodies (Erickson, 2020)
A physical expression of intimacy
Has being.
A socially constructed category that assigns value to individuals based on economic status.
Emphasizing this need allows TS Madison to reject the social and moral stigma attached to sex work (Glover, 2016)
An action encouraged by Erickson (2020) to disrupt the dominant narrative surrounding pornography and create space for the queercrip community.
A feeling derived from sexual activity which is not necessarily recognized outside of a heteronormative, patriarchal context (Erickson, 2020)
A term that came into use during the 90's to allow First Nations people to express their sexuality and gender from within tribal contexts in English (Driskill, 2004)
This object, when double-edged, may be used as a metaphor to describe the contradictions of representation in pornography (Collins, 1998)
Coupled with control, this is something queercrip porn seeks to regain (Erickson, 2020)
A genre of counter-public pornography that lends representation to queer and disabled people (Erickson 2016; Erickson 2020)
A central aspect of transforming cultures of undesirability (Erickson, 2016)
Often viewed as something in need of fixing or a cure (Erickson 2016; Erickson 2020)
Bordering on pornographic
Argues that Laverne Cox and Janet Mock adhere to respectability politics (Glover, 2016).
TS Madison disrupts this type of script by producing pornography showcasing her use of her penis for sexual pleasure (Glover, 2016).
In addition to her breasts, TS Madison often showed off this body part, disrupting transnormative notions of respectability (Glover, 2016).