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Pope John Paul II

Ellis: Timmy Kelly
During his trip to africa he visited
Appointed-----of krakow in 1958
He enjoyed bicycling and ------most of his life
Was the pope italian or polish
In the year of 2000 he turned
In 1993 he reconized ------as a nation
In 1967 he becomes 1 of 2 polish
In 1979 he made his first trip to poland as a
The pope road along in a vehicle nicknamed the
What was the popes real first name
He was----on may 18 1920
What is the popes real last name
In 1938 he graduated from
In 1978 he was named
He was----in the hand shoulder and stomach in 1981
Appointed archbishop of------in 1963
In 1942 he was training to become a
What did the pope speak to the crowd when he became pope
On november 1 1946 he was ordained