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Environmental Changes Crossword Challenge!

The name for all the living and nonliving things in an area
Another word for bad or negative effects
When humans introduce a new plant or animal into an ecosystem, it often becomes an _________ species.
The number of organisms in an ecosystem that belong to the same species
Direct effect or change
The space, conditions, and living and nonliving things surrounding an organism
Producers are ________ as well as some bacteria.
The maximum number of organisms that an environment can support (2 words)
This is a fossil fuel that is sometimes leaked from boats, causing harmful effects to the marine and coastal ecosystems.
When plants are removed from an ecosystem, this often happens to the soil
Two of the same type of organism, which can reproduce together, belong to the same ________.
Increased plant life in the ocean means more of this gas gets absorbed into the ocean, which changes Earth's climate and fights against global warming.
An organism that gets its energy by breaking down bodies of dead plants and animals, and produces soil as a waste product
Whales help this plant grow in the ocean by giving it nutrients and by mixing up the ocean waters.
This animal was introduced to Australia in the 1800s and became an invasive species there.
The name of the book published by Rachel Carson in 1962 which brought attention to the negative effects DDT had on the environment (2 words)
An organism that uses energy from sunlight to produce food
If the ___________ or consumer that eats an organism is removed from the ecosystem, that organism's population will likely increase.
A pesticide that was used in the United States in the mid-1900s to protect crops from insects
All the living organisms in an ecosystem
If a species of plant or animal lives in an ecosystem due to nature, and not because humans introduced it there, it is called a _________ species.
The arrows in a food chain or food web represent the flow or transfer of _________.
The place where the government planted kudzu vines in the 1930s