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Weather Basics

Use the Google Slides posted in Classroom. Take a screenshot and upload to classroom. 
the comparison of how heavy the air is to the space that it occupies
the weight of the air that is resting on Earth’s surface
water vapor will gradually lose energy and cool which allows is to be converted back into a liquid
Amount of water in the air
all the air that surrounds the Earth
where liquid water absorbs energy and is converted into a gas or water vapor
The ____ of Earth affects the amount of direct sunlight a specific area receives
the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place over a short period of time
the instrument that helps us determine the speed that the air is moving
Weather happens when different parts of Earth get different ________ of heat from the sun.
a large body of air with the same temperature and the same humidity
Most weather is directed by this
the average kinetic energy of molecules
Air naturally moves from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure and this movement causes
the instrument that helps us measure the air pressure around us
When warm air rises away from Earth, the air pressure is usually _____ at the ground.
Areas close to the equator will receive more _____ energy from the sun
At higher altitudes, air pressure ________ because there are fewer air molecules pressing down from above
the instrument that is used to measure water vapor
When cool dense air presses down on Earth, the air pressure is generally ______.