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Learning about Mass

The 2nd step of Mass is the entrance _______.
Four _______ wrote the gospels of jesus
The ______ Creed states we believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
The first reading is taken from the _____ testament.
Pray that praises the birth of Jesus.
The 2nd reading is taken from the _______ testament.
And with your ________
The _____ of the word.
One way to prepare for church is to ________
The Penitential _______
The priest helps us understand the readings.
The _____ tells about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
Prayer of the _______ is the universal prayer
______, Luke, John and Mark wrote about Jesus's life
The _____Psalm is between the first and second readings.
The priest begins mass with the sign of the cross and __________
The 1st step of mass is that members of church ______ together.