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Art Review

Shapes found in nature
When something stands out in a piece of artwork
When using a paint and water to paint
Made up of line, shape, form, texture, color and value
Vincent Van Gogh painting of a night scene of a city with stars
Photo artwork created to make you think about what is happening in her artwork and how you make others feel
Shapes like circles, squares and triangles
Used to fire clay
Black and white is an example
Creating art with tiny dots that blend
Adding white to a color
Lines that cross to create shaping
Piece of artwork created sculpture with people of varying heights being held by the hand of God
Something repeated
Paint used on ceramics to make it shiny
Colors of one value
When you use a tool to take off black part of a paper and create a design
3-D element of art
Combining paint to make a smooth transition
When you look at artwork and make judgements, describe and analyze it
Mixing yellow and red gives you
A technique of using a tool to scratch into paper to create texture
Suggests movement or action
Art that looks real
Mixing yellow and blue gives you
Another word for color
Relative size- comparing two things
Different shapes, sizes, colors
Tiny marks used to create shading
Element of art that can be zig zag, curved, wavy ect.
Flat element of art
Adding black to a color
Colors that are across from one another on the color wheel; team colors often
Having or having the appearance of feeling smooth, rough ect.
Made from hardened clay
Lightness or darkness of a color
Colors of orange, green and purple
A drawing of many different designs and lines that are all in one confined area
Visual distribution of weight
Lines on the outside to shape an object
When all things work together in a piece of art
Produced when light waves strike an object and are reflected into our eyes