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French Revolution Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Rachel Levy
The idea that god created the monarchy, and the monarch acted as god's representative on earth.
This is the name of the French prison.
This is the meeting of all the three Estates.
He became the ruler after overthrowing the directory. The changes that he made in France led to his downfall.
The attempt to attack the King and Queen over the rising cost of bread.
This is a King or Queen who believes that all power rests in their hands.
The time period when the monarchy was overthrown.
The estate that consisted of the nobles.
The name of the new government formed by the Third Estate.
The promise the Third Estate made saying that they will stick together until they made a constitution.
The middle class in the Third Estate.
The system of social classes.
This group included the peasants and the middle class.
He was the absolute monarch at the start of the revolution.
The beheading device that the French used.