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Haunted Halloween

Author: Salsa
Demon. Not every __ has a cloven foot. English proverb
Fatherly name 4 God or Swedish pop band
Below. Place my coffin __ my tombstone
Body shield. Demons R real, so Scripture warns me 2 put on my spiritual __. Ephesians 6
Nibble. I __ Halloween candy
Murdering. Horror flicks have gruesome __ scenes
Undertaker's Obituary (ab)
Neutral pronoun
Drizzly. A __ night makes Trick-or-treating miserable
Entice. Satan tries 2 __ me 2 his haunted house: Hell!
Artillery fire or applause
Blood disorder. Does a vampire suffer from __?
Witches' Evil Enchantment Spells (ab)
Wager. A fool will __ his immortal soul on immoral living
Spooks, goblins, spirits
Anno Domini (ab)
Intestines. Ancient sorcery incl. divination of __
Fish eggs
Dead On Arrival (ab)
News. Halloween is Satan's holiday whereas Christmas brings __ of comfort & joy in Jesus
Method of Operation (ab)
Like, while
Senior (ab)
Farewell. Bid ghosts __ @ graveyard
Bone frames. There will be no __ in our closets on Judgment Day
Wicked. God is good, Satan is __
That is (ab)
Crisis med shed (ab)
Bath mat or toupee
Exited earth & entered eternity elsewhere
Famous vampire, Count __
Blood-sucking Dracula
Hide in shadows waiting 2 pounce
Grownups. Some __ like fright night more than kids
Mindless. A recalcitrant dying rebel is as __ as a lobotomized man
One. Eat __ apple
Nibbled. __ Halloween candy
Rapt. People R as twisted as mummy wrap if they R __ in horror flicks
Inhabited by evil spirits. Avoid __ houses
Play. U can't __ with witchcraft & not get burned. Revelation 21:8
Enticed. Folks R __ by witchcraft, fools fall 4 it
Funeral director
Absent Without Leave (ab)
Dog doc
Opposed 2. God is __ occult practices. Revelation 21:8
Mexican peninsula
Sound. I heard a __ coming from that coffin!
Evil spirits that pray on the dead
Orchard. Most would rather be in a __ than a grave
Who likes candy?
Far East continent
Encourage in wrongdoing. Don't aid & __ a fugitive
Challenge. I __ U 2 imagine eternity in hell
Identity (ab)
Spanish 4 "yes"
Fall behind. Don't __ behind the group in a cemetery @ night