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Trust in the Lord and Forsake the Cares of the World - D&C 39-40

To ___ means to give respectful attention.
James Covel, had been a Methodist minister for about ___ years.
James Covel made a ___with the Lord that he would obey any command that the Lord would give to him through Joseph the Prophet.
And this is my ___repentance and baptism by water, and then cometh the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost (6).
Another name for the Holy Ghost (6).
For thou hast rejected me many times because of ___ and the cares of the world (7).
Thou art called to ___ in my vineyard, and to build up my church (11).
Those who receive the gospel will be gathered in time and in___ (23).
D&C 39 is a revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to James ___, at Fayette, New York, January 5, 1831.
Pride is to put your will ___ of God's will.
To receive the gospel is to receive___ (5-6).
The Saints have ___to become the sons of God (1-4).
___ is require to put God's will ahead of the cares of the world.
Even so will I give unto as many as will ___ me, power to become my sons (4).
The Holy Ghost shows all things, and teaches the ___ things of the kingdom (6).
And he that receiveth these things receiveth me; and they shall be ___ unto me in time and in eternity (22).
James Covil received the word with gladness, but straightway Satan tempted him; and the fear of persecution and the cares of the world caused him to ___ the word (40:2).
The days of thy deliverance are come, if thou wilt hearken to my ___ (10).