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Algebra Crossword Puzzle

Creator: Charles Stanback
A math problem including the answer
A number multiplied by itself to get a given number
Plane formed by horizontal and vertical axes
A test used to determine if a relation is a function
U shaped curve on a graph
Constant difference between terms (ex: 1,5,9,13)
The point on a graph
The number multiplied by a product
Greatest common factor
(ex: 2::4)
The x and y _____ on a graph
An equation that only includes only polynomials to the second power
The subject that this class is based around
Complex Numbers with no real part
The horizontal and vertical lines on a graph
Equation that makes a negative number positive
Sum or difference of terms which have variables raised to positive powers
Mirror image
The product of a given integer and all smaller positive integers
Number or expression with no variables