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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Teacher: Camden Saylor
Who was the person to lead the manhunt to find Booth?
What Lincoln rode in to get to the Theatre.
The house President Lincoln lived in.
The type of killing in which Lincoln was shot.
Type of gun used to kill Lincoln.
Doctor who set Booth's broken leg.
Who was the man that tried to help Lincoln in the box at the play?
What was Booths original day job?
Type of play being watched prior to Lincoln's assassination.
What was Booth and his associates originally going to do to Lincoln?
Name of the river Booth had to cross to escape.
The building Lincoln was shot in.
Christian holiday Lincoln was shot.
What was the state Booth tried to escape to?
What did Booth do to get past the guards at the river?
Who was the Secretary of State that Booth's conspirators tried to kill?
What did Booth break when he jumped onto the stage after shooting Lincoln?
What state was Booth born in?
The man who shot Lincoln.
What was the war or disagreement that was going on that led Booth to shoot Lincoln?