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Crossword - Judaism

_____ is the movement for Jewish nationalism, and sought to restore the land of Israel (Palestine) to the Jewish people.
The Wailing ___ is a remnant of the second temple and is all that remains since it was destroyed by the Romans.
The ____ refers to the extermination of six million Jews by the Nazis during WWII.
_____ is the central prayer of religious Judaism
Jacob was renamed _____, which means "He who struggles with God.
The _____ are books that explain, interpret and study the Torah.
_____ literally means "rest" and also implies peace; the Jewish holy day.
Abraham's tribe and their descendants were the ____ (two words).
A bar/bat _____ celebrates the rite of passage from puberty to Jewish adulthood.
_____ was responsible for leading the people of Israel on the journey into deliverance from bondage in Egypt.
The ____ were Jewish mystical teachings compiled during the Middle Ages.
In Judaism, the Sabbath is begins on Friday at ____ .
The ____ is reserved as a prayer of sanctification for the deceased.
A ___ is the ritual circumcision of all Jewish males since the time of Abraham.
Many of the Jewish holidays last for ____ days.
______ is the period of mourning that follows the funeral of a loved one.
A ____ is a skullcap worn during worship.
____ refers to "ritually pure" food as acceptable for eating in accordance with the rules of kashrut.
_____is literally "the dispersion"; refers to 70 CE when the Romans forced the Jews into exile.
______ (two words) is the Jewish New Year.
The Star of _____ is a traditional symbol of Judaism and refers to the shield of David.
______ (2 words) is a Day of Atonement when the community prays for the forgiveness of sins.
The ____ was the binding agreement made between God and the patriarch Abraham and his tribe around 1800 BCE.
A ____ is a prayer shawl worn during worship.
____ (plural) are obligations or commandments which Abraham and his descendants were to observe as a sign of their covenant with God.
A ____ is a teacher of the Torah, and today functions as the leader of a congregation.
______ is the Festival of the Booths that last for eight days; commemorates the protection of the Hebrews in the wilderness during the Exodus.
____ is known as the Festival of Lights that commemorates the miracle victory of the Maccabees over Syrian forces.
The ____ was the journey into deliverance from bondage in Egypt, under the leadership of Moses and Aaron.
The ____ is also known as the Hanukkah lamp.
____ is the eight day festival of unleavened bread and refers to when homes of the Israelites marked their doorsteps with lamb's blood to avoid the loss of their firstborn.
_____ is unleavened bread.
The ____ were books of law given to Moses; it is the most holy object in a Jewish congregation and is a chart of the Jewish way of life.
______ is the name of God given to Moses through the Burning Bush; it means " I am who I am."