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The French Revolution

Author: Haley Califano
Law code established under Napoleon.
Representative government of the third estate.
Overthrew the French directory and became the emperor of France in 1804.
Land owning nobles.
Document that outlined the natural rights of all people and the rights they possessed as citizens.
Includes middle class workers and peasants.
Prison stormed by the third estate. Marked the start of the revolution
A promise made by the national assembly to stick together until they had written a constitution for France.
The prices of bread rose causing the third estate to revolt.
Established and led by Robespierre, secret police that instigated the Reign of Terror.
1793-1794 created by Robespierre. Over 10,000 people who were against the French died.
Queen of France
A machine made for beheading people, used for execution during the Reign of Terror.
A meeting where representatives of each estate meet.
Social class that contains the clergy.
A political leader in France who was known as a Jacobin (radical leader) he headed the Committee of Public Safety and was responsible for the Reign of Terror.
King of France