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8th Grade Science: Section 7.1

The form of UV radiation that causes sunburns and tanning
Beautiful light displays known as the northern and southern lights
The upper atmosphere
The gaseous form of water
The region in which the magnet affects other objects
The layer that is characterized by very high temperatures
The blanket of gasses that surround our planet
Earth's least understood layer
The outermost layer of the atmosphere
The lower atmosphere
Extremely powerful radiation that comes from deep space
A special state of matter made up of a mixture of electrons and positive ions
Most abundant gas in the atmosphere
The least harmful form of UV radiation
The most dangerous form of UV radiation and is completely absorbed by the ozone layer
The layer with strong steady winds but few changes in weather
A scarce type of oxygen molecule in which three oxygen atoms are bonded together
Earth's "weather layer"
The coldest point in the atmosphere
The gas that is vital to humans and most animal life