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Climate Change Crossword

A consequence of climate change that will seriously burn our forests
When lighter surfaces reflect rays away from the earth, the darker surfaces then absorb those reflected rays
The act of clearing a huge area of trees.
A consequence of climate change in which people will have to pay more to the government in order to get rid of climate change affects
Rain/snow that falls to the ground
The measure of degree of heat in an object or area
A consequence of climate change in which bacteria/viruses will be produced and spread
A theory which defines the build of Earth's crust and etc due to lithospheric plates which move slowly over the Earth's underlying mantle.
When it releases its product, the ash from it blocks rays, which cools Earth.
The act of using this substance to bind things together (used mostly in construction)
The act of burning natural resources such as coal, oil and gas to produce electricity.
A consequence of climate change that will affect the temporary atmosphere extremely..
The amount of water vapour in the air