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Separation & Mass Transfer Operations!

Ali Aftab
ECH 4403: Extra Credit Assignment
As the reflux ratio increases, the number of stages in a distillation process ________.
A two component mixture can also be called a _______ mixture.
The derivation of this equation begins with the simplified material balance where out = accumulation.
In a vapor-liquid equilibrium mixture, the more _______ component is said to be enriched in the vapor phase.
When evaluating the economics of a distillation process, these costs tend to be higher than others.
For flash distillation processes in series, what tends to decrease as stages increase?
This parameter can be increased in order to also increase the purity of a product in a distillation process.
For a multi _______ system, the relative volatility no longer serves a useful parameter.
When the thermal state of the feed is greater than one it is said to be a _______ liquid.
The separation of components from a liquid mixture, which is often done in an attempt to collect "pure" compositions of each mixture.
In liquid-liquid extraction processes, this is the solvent rich product stream.
A chart that is used to aid the Rachford-Rice equation.
A type of distillation process which consists of a single unit and stage.
Constant molar overflow, a concept introduced with distillation columns is said to only be valid if the column is what?
Mechanical _________ is usually responsible for the shaft work term in an energy balance.
When a composition is given in parts per million (very small) it is said to be ________.
In liquid-liquid extractions this is used to reduce the composition of a component in the feed stream.
A binary liquid mixture whose composition and boiling point is constant throughout a distillation process.
An equation which analyzes the material entering and leaving a given system.
The point where the operating and equilibrium line meet.
The removal of a component form the gas phase.
A set of data or line that can be achieved with the application of Raoult's or Henry's laws.
The section of a distillation column which has vapor entering and liquid leaving.
In liquid-liquid extraction processes, this is the diluent rich product stream.
The French engineer whose equation can be used to help determine vapor pressures.
When reading a PXY diagram, what phase is to be expected at high pressures?
The boiling point temperature of the more volatile component can be found at what point on a TXY diagram?
The removal of a component from the liquid phase.
When reading a TXY diagram what phase is to be expected at low temperatures?
The flow rate obtained from the mathematical product of the distillate flow rate and reflux ratio.