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Vocabulary of Judaism

Root religion of Christianity
Males wear them
Hebrew Scripture
Autumnal season
Ida Crown Academy in Skokie
Hebrew for holocaust
Ritual that keeps Abrahamic covenant
November 1938
Candles will be lit at 7:42 this week
Deut 6.4 declaration of faith
Evanston synagogue that is 1st platinum LEED certified
Torah-Talmud combo
Israeli athletes killed at Olympics
Recess in synagogue
Ceremony not observed in an Orthodox synagogue
First used for residents of Judah
Cheeseburger is not
Period of mourning
Muts be 10
Destroyed in 70 CE
Synagogue leader
Law or Pentateuch
I am who am
Start of the Days of Awe
Ordains women as rabbis
Resulted from Rameses' stubbornness
Of special significance to all 3 occidental religions
Marriage document
Revolt which engendered Hannakah
Son of the Law
House of worship
Current Hebrew season
Type of theology that describes Judaism
Biblical interpretation
American president who brokered peace deal
Commandment of Jewish law
Seven or Eight spots
Worn by men
Site of peace accord