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Travel, Culture, & Geography

Tech for directions
US group for the environment
Maple leaves and hockey country
Rocky offshore island of Rotuma, Fijian dependency
Cotton gin
Stockholm, Sweden airport code
City in PK, main crop
Where river and ocean meet
Super Speed abbr., then cloud-based IT documentation company
Longest river in France
Solar power measurement abbr.
Little bear in the northern sky
Clean teeth in the Northeast US (abbr.)
German gateway to Saxon Switzerland
Also named for famous MLB player
Archaic variant of grass
Entrepreneurs' Organization, Atlanta (abbr.)
Red mineral found in Canada, Russia, and Brazil
Tokyo airport
Air quality branch of 4 Across
Environmental disaster in Gulf of Mexico (pl.)
Control of fuel to engine
"The Road Not Taken" rhyme scheme
Country, then region with capital of Matsuyama
Plage Blanche Airport code
Town in Montana near Canadian border
World's largest independent renewable energy company
Ming, bball player
Ivy league school for sustainability, abbr.
Texas National Park
Novel by Honoré de Balzac
Mission church and river in CA (var.)
Slithery water creature
Subfamily of noctuidae
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, then the capability of all living things to change
In programming, the command in Linux that allows a user to set certain attributes of a file
Danny, GM of Celtics
Word for innate, sans vowels
Balto movie character, wolf spirit
Decent in slang
Long-fingered lemur type
N-player prisoner's dilemma, with w in front
Most polluted city in Italy
Costa Rica volcano with m instead of n
Reno NV nonprofit campus for the enviroment, abbr.
Calf body part for eating
Exaggerated veneration of Virgin Mary (var.)
Assumes the existence of something
Tibetan Buddhist male ordained non-monastic practitioner of Dzogchen and Tantra
Health and Environmental Effects Profiles ____line (abbr.)
Filipino school for technological studies: abbr.
Creator of three-wheeled electric vehicle
Akira, Japanese professional wrestler
Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association: abbr.
Radial insert ball bearings: abbr.
Oldest bank in West Virgina
European Telecommunications Office: abbr.