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John 1:1-5 In the Beginning

Allows people to see
J. v. 14 The Word did this amongst us
J. v. 15 John says Jesus ___ before him
J. v. 10 The Light made the ____
J. v. 12 those who believe in the Light become ___ of God
J. v. 7 This is one who testifies
J. v. 6 The man sent from God to testify of the Light
J. v. 18/Creed Jesus is ___ of the Father from Eternity
J. v. 14 The Word became ____
'El' is the Hebrew word for this
G. v. 2 God the ____ hovered over the surface of the waters
J. v. 12-13 A believer is born by God's ___
At the start of something
The Hebrew word for 'Law'
G. v. 2 Meant by the words, 'the deep'
To be a maker of something
This is often scary to people
J. v. 1 John says ___ ____ was God
He is the Word, the Light, the Life of men