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Chapter 2 - Texas Regions

Teacher: Orth
Leading business center in Texas. page 94
Industry that serves visitors. page 82
Marshy area near coast. page 93
Gas that is lighter than air. page 82
Animals raised by farmers. page 86
The Great Plains is mostly __. page 81
El Capitan is this kind of landmark. page 79
The Coastal Plains are __ and __ than the other regions. page 90 (2 words)
Established as railway town in 1881. page 87
Tallest mountain range in Texas. page 76
A small frontier store. page 94
Number of Texas geographic regions. page 76
Second largest canyon in the U.S. page 83 (name)
Place where ships can dock. page 94
An object that stands out from the area. page 79
Port city on the Gulf of Mexico. page 94
Largest city in the Texas Panhandle. page 82
What El Paso means in Spanish. page 78
A boundary line. page 79
Type of coal. page 92
Known as Hub City. page 82
Largest city in the North Central Plains. page 87 (name)
Use to raise crops. page 86
Desert in western Texas. page 76
Large area of flat land. page 84
Get less than ten inches of rain a year. page 76
Largest city in Mountains & Basins. page 78
What Fort Worth is known as. page 87
Area where all clocks are set to the same time. page 78 (2 words)
Most of Texas' __ empty into the Gulf of Mexico. page 93
Main part of the continent. page 95
What Palo Duro means in Spanish. page 83 (2 words)
Angora Goat hair. page 80
Away from the coast towards the land. page 90