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ARE PPD: Environmental

Chapter 15 of the International Building Code requires a minimum of ¼ inch per ft __, or 2%, for low-___ roofs such as thermoplastic or other membrane roof systems.
Buildable__: The net ground __of a lot, which can be covered by a building after required setbacks and other zoning limitations have been accounted for.
The side of a building facing the direction toward which the wind is blowing.
Maximum slope of 15%
Limited in its ability to compensate for extremes in simultaneous heating and cooling demands, but offers efficient means of air conditioning large internal load dominated buildings; flexible system to account for changes in building use or different tenants.
Ireland url
It is best not to use Class I vapor retarders, such as polyethylene film or aluminum foil, in the following circumstances: climates with high summertime moisture _
The location in the earth’s crust where rock slippage begins during an earthquake. Also called the focus.
plan of a city or subdivision showing the boundaries of individual properties. glass
length of pipe, running under a road or other barrier, used to drain or carry water.
Determines the rate of heat flow through the buildings' envelope when a temperature difference exists between the indoor air and the outdoor air under steady state conditions.
The combined height, exposure, and gust factor used in wind design.
Low VOC carpet tile brand
Steel reinforcing in corrosive environment
In urban locations or campuses it can be sourced from a central plant as a byproduct of electricity and piped into a building to heat water for water or air heating systems or to drive absorption-type water chillers for air conditioning
Unit amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. 1W = 3.41 _/Hr
Consideration for seismic sites: High torsional __
Concrete Slab on Grade uses a vapor barrier beneath the slab to prevent migration of moisture from __ through slab
___ Plate has shallowest structural depth of all concrete, but is also the heaviest; two-way reinforced
Scupper is an opening in __ to allow allow drainage of rainwater from the roof
Action,Corrosive process that takes place when two dissimilar metals come into contact.
The temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapor.
Context for evaporative cooling passive method and trombe wall
River in Thuringia, Germany
Temperature is typically what is referred to when discussing air temperature and is an indicator of the heat content in the air, given in degrees.
Exit stair must have minimum 44” wide f__ occupants >50
Releases heat to air or water in a compressive refrigeration system (high-pressure side)
Glass choice for a cold climate because it has a low U-value, which means that it can minimize heat loss while still allowing some solar heat gain.
Water piping must ordinarily be buried _ the frost line to protect against freezing.
A horizontal system that distributes lateral forces caused by wind or earthquake to the __ resisting elements.
Previous ingredient in Compressive Refrigeration
Girders are a form of deep ___ that span the columns which support secondary beams and the slab.
3 __ are required if occupancy is > 500
Heat pump’s efficiency decreases as __ temp. decreases.
Greek for air: ratio of moisture content of the air to the max possible moisture content at the same temperature
Type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands in specific orientations - used in floor, roof, wall sheathing