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Vocabulary List 5

Teacher: T. Read
A cut
Establish firmly in a position
Forgiveness; pardon; release
A respite; postponement of a sentence
Hurry; accelerate; rush
Of little value; gaudy
Mike was being ________ when he refused to give his name to the Principal.
The girls were worried about receiving a ________ after Abigail threatened to hurt them if they said anything about witchcraft.
Making the varsity team in any sport is a ________ achievement that should be celebrated.
Can be believed; reasonable
Hoping to ________ herself into the role of team leader, Maria called everyone to make sure they would be at the first practice.
The young man felt guilty, so he went to confession to seek ________.
After the debate, it was ________ to everyone that Juan was the best choice for class president.
The older woman was decked out in all sorts of ________ jewelry, and it made her look ridiculous.
The accused thief was offered a ________ when the judge delayed the beginning of the trial for a month.
Because he was running, Coach Read knew that he must ________ through the hallways without stopping to talk to anyone.
Samantha had a ________ excuse for being tardy, so the teacher did not write her up.