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Bible Puzzle One

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Robbie
Jesus was called the Son of God, the Nation's _______.
John was the "disciple that Jesus _____."
Judas received 30 pieces to betray Jesus.
Cane's brother
Where Jesus grew up.
Jesus spoke in ____
Was turned into wine by Jesus
God's appointed king
The tower of ___
Jacob's son with a beautiful coat
"Remember the ___ and keep it holy."
O T Minor Prophet
God came to this prophet in the form of a book he was told to eat
A man who wrestled with God
Who God told Abraham to sacrifice
The mountain Solomon built God's temple
Were guided to Jesus by a star
"So unto others" is the beginning of The _____ ___
Jesus Parable of the faith of the ___ seed
Jesus was baptized in the River _____
Known as the "Beloved Doctor"
John the _____
She was Mary's cousin and John's mother
In the OT, a ____ got his call directly from God.
After his baptism, Jesus went up to a mount to be tested by _______
Wife of Abraham
The Messianic Prophet.
God permitted satan to test ___
He was sent to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem
A king admired for his great wisdom
Sought to kill the baby Jesus
Before his name was Abraham, it was ___
Joseph went to ____to protect Jesus from Herod.
Was swallowed by a whale