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Politics in the Gilded Age

Teacher: Smith
Giving government jobs to people who help get candidates elected
Political boss of Kansas City, Missouri who gained power by helping Italian, African American and Irish voters
Mentally unbalanced lawyer who shot President Garfield because he denied him a government job
The act that raised the tariff rate on manufactured goods to the highest level yet
The term that describes the excesses of the late 19th century
Government administration
Illegal payment for services
Authors who coined the phrase Gilded Age
Democratic president who tried to lower the tariff rates
The illegal use of political influence for personal gain
The political cartoonist whose work helped to bring down Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall
An organized group that controls the activities of a political party in a city
The head of New York City's Tammany Hall which was the city's powerful Democratic political machine
Republican president who tried to bring about civil service reform
Political boss of New York City who built parks, sewers and gave money to schools
Becomes president when Garfield is shot and becomes a reformer