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Environmental Legislation

This is the location that became the symbol of the Clean Water Act
This law requires the federal government to protect actively each of the hundreds of species listed as endangered-regardless of the economic effect on the surrounding towns or region.
Groundwater belongs to the owners of the land above it and may be used or sold as private property
Who founded Earth Day
The goal of _______ was to ensure quality water supplies for all of the US public water systems. It also set standards of quality for public drinking water systems.
federal law that regulates the discharge of pollutants into the nation's surface waters
The Clean Water Act is a _______________ law in the United States that regulates water pollution.
President ______ passed the Clean Water Act
What book by Rachel Carson exposed the dangers of pesticides to the public
owns the groundwater
states that the first person to capture a natural resource owns that resource
Protects endangered species
Rule from the common law allowing landowners the right to take whatever measures necessary to protect and divert diffused surface water from their property.
This pesticide is the focus of Rachel Carson's book
owns surface water
wrote the Silent Spring Book