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Vocabulary Mass Media

E-mail messages sent from one user to another user.
E-mail real time - Chat
Hypertext Trans for protocol.
A regularly updated website.
A relatively slow internet connection using a modem.
The first easy to use graphical web browser.
A diverse set of independent networks.
Internet discussion groups that use e-mail to exchange messages between groups.
Method of breaking messages into small pieces.
The collection dissemination and analysis of new and information by the general public by means of the internet.
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Material formatted to contain links that allow the reader to move easily from one section to another and from document to document.
Moral values and philosephy that are common in the hacker community.
A high speed continous connection to the internet using a cable modem from a cable television provider or a digital subscriberline from a phone company.
Uniform Resource Locator.
A website that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources.
Transmission control portocol/Internet Protocol.
A packet of data sent by an internet server to a browser which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accessess the same server.
Web sites that allow users to generate content, comment, tag and network with friends or other like minded people.
Hypertext markup language
World Wide Web.