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The darkest portion of the Moon's shadow
Occurs when the Sun is directly above Earth's equator
The depression left behind by an object striking the Moon
The path taken by an object revolving around another
A round, three-dimensional object
A lighter shadow on Earth's surface surrounding the umbra
The longest period of daylight of the year
When Earth's shadow falls on the Moon
The spinning of Earth on its axis
The different forms that the Moon takes in its appearance from Earth
When all the Moon's surface facing Earth reflects light
The branch of science concerned with earthquakes and related phenomena
Earth's yearly orbit around the Sun
An elongated, closed curve
The resulting dark, flat regions from meteor impact where cracks may have formed in the Moon's crust, allowing lava to reach the surface and fill up large craters
More of the Illuminated half of the Moon can be seen each night
The shortest period of daylight of the year
The imaginary vertical line around which Earth spins.
Space object orbiting the Sun formed from dust and rock particles mixed with frozen water, methane, and ammonia.
Occurs when the Moon moves directly between the Sun and Earth and casts its shadow over part of Earth
A 1994 probe that conducted a two month survey of the Moon gathering data on the mineral content of rocks and mapping features of the surface
The day when the Sun reached its greatest distance north or south of the equator
Portion of the interior of a planet or moon lying between the crust and core
When the observer sees less of the Moon's illuminated half each night
Occurs when the Moon is between Earth and Sun