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Science Unit 4 pp.198-227

Gravity is __ strong the farther you are from Earth. (opposite of more)
These 4 are caused by the tilt of Earth and its orbit around the sun.
Earth __ around the Sun. (verb)
Your community
A ball of hot gases that gives off light and other kinds of energy
Is gravity a "push" or a "pull" toward Earth's core??
Imaginary rod through the North and South poles of Earth
When it is Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is this season in the Southern Hemisphere
What unit are we presently in for science???
Time of day when half of Earth DOES NOT face the sun
to spin around
Apparent motion only __ to happen; the sun doesn't really rise and set; the Earth is moving and the stars stay in place.
This satellite revolves around the Earth by a gravitational foce.
These are longer at the start and end of daylight hours and shorter midday
Earth's sun is this size of star
Earth makes one complete __ on its axis every 24 hours.
Earth, Sun, and Moon are a part of the Milky Way __.
"What goes up must come down" because of this force.
What's missing? Winter, Summer, Fall
Half of the Earth ALWAYS faces this bright object