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Physical Science: Unit 6 Vocab

Type of force that pulls things downward toward the center of the Earth
Newton’s ________ Law explains why when you push a box forward it pushes backwards on you
This is what g stands for in the weight equation (on Earth, this is equal to 9.8 N/kg)
Type force exerted by a surface when an object tries to slide across it
This is an object’s resistance to changing its motion (how easy it is to start or stop something)
Newton’s ________ Law explains why it’s easier to accelerate an object with low mass compared to a large mass
Type of force exerted upward by a surface
The combination of all forces acting on an object
Newton’s second law relates force, mass, and _________.
The amount of matter in an object
The unit that mass is measured in
Type of force that results from a person pushing on an object
Another name for the force of gravity on an object
Type of force that results from an object moving quickly through the air
When the net force on an object is zero, the forces are ____________.
Type of force exerted by a rope pulling on an object
When the net force on an object is not zero, the forces are __________.
The unit that force is measured in
Newton’s _______ Law explains why you move backwards when a car accelerates quickly forward