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HaLlOWeEn HoRroRs

Author: Salsa
Tombs. All in their __ will be raised 2 Paradise or Perdition. John 5:28
Halloween month
Ridiculous Vampire Entertainment (ab)
Witches' transportation
Snakelike fish
Poltergeists Yeti Spooks & Undertakers (ab)
Frozen water spike that hangs off roof
Rest. It's hard 2 __ if U R afraid U will die in your sins
Sister with a dark "habit"
Comments. I'd like your __ on my proposal
Abyss Inferno (ab)
Spikes. Hammer __ into vampires hearts
Stitch. I __ my own costume
Halloween gourd U put a candle inside
Jaw area. Bobbing 4 apples splashes water on my __
Dread. Let them __ death who do not fear God!
Tavern. Y risk being found in a __ when Christ returns?
Everlasting. Playing with sin has __ consequences. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
Iniquitous, wicked. God says witchcraft is __, not whimsical
Sierra Nevada lake & ski resort (also SUV name)
Hawaiian leaf used in offerings 2 idols
Undertaker's Lantern (ab)
Sweet treats
Take over. Play with sin & Satan will __ control of your life
Female sheep
Residence. Hell is the __ of the damned
Indigenous inhabitants
Idiot. Only a __ would want 2 go 2 hell
Ghosts, spooks & spirits
Grave sin. Occult rituals R an __ 2 the Lord. Deuteronomy 18
Edge-of-your-seat exciting. Mysteries R __
Black magic. Those who do __ arts will burn. Revelation 21:8
Flavor. Kids love the __ of candy
Concoction. Don't drink the brew __
Night B4. Halloween is the __ of All Saints Day
Spirituality. Witchcraft is the __ of the damned
Pigpen. A witch can use her broom 2 sweep her __ instead of fly
Matter. Let's discuss the __ of introducing witchcraft 2 kids
Carve. Mom will __ the pumpkin 4 us
Deceives. Satan __ 2 hook U in a damning sin
Ready. Live to be __ 4 death. Andrew Jackson
Annoy. Satan uses fear 2 __ us
Slang 4 "That stinks!"
Raucous Kids (ab)
Spiders' snare
Gives sermons. When the Devil __, the end is near. English Proverb
Halloween disguise
Reverend's rostrum. Let the devil into a church & he will climb into the __
Asian food type
Long period of time
Heed. If U don't __ 2 God's warnings, He can punish U 7X 4 your sins. Leviticus 26:18
Cruel-2-animals coat fabric
Ukraine capital
Horror movie hunchback helper
Funeral ashes vase
God calls Himself "I __ that I __"
Body odor (ab)
Perform. 2 be happy, __ the Bible, don't just read it