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Chapter 14: Climate

Due: 05/06/2021
15 points
Warm ocean current that occasionally develops off the western coast of South America and can cause short-term climatic changes felt worldwide.
The mass removal of trees.
Period of very low sunspot activity that occurred between 1645 and 1716 and closely corresponded with a cold climatic episode known as the "Little Ice Age."
Classification system for climates that is based on the average monthly values of temperature and precipitation.
A localized climate that differs from the main regional climate.
Short-term periods of climatic change caused by regular variations in daylight, temperature, and weather patterns.
The climate is warmer than in surrounding rural areas due to many concrete buildings and large expanses of asphalt.
Periods of extensive glacial coverage.
Area of Earth that receives the most solar radiation, is generally warm year-round.
Rise in temperatures, which may be due to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide from deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.
The natural heating of Earth's surface caused by certain atmospheric gases called greenhouse gases.
Areas of Earth where solar radiation strikes at a low angle, resulting in temperatures that are nearly always cold.
Has moderate temperatures.
The standard value for a location, including rainfall, wind speed, and temperatures, based on meteorological records compiled for at least 30 years.
The study of Earth's climate and the factors that affect past, present, and future climatic changes.