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Earth Science 19.1 - 19.14

Submerged edge of a continent
Bay where tide differences are extreme
Submerged island
Reef that is farther from the land than a fringing reef
British ship important to ocean discoveries
One of the main causes of ocean tides
Most of the dissolved material in oceans is ______ (2 words)
Reef that grows right up to the beach of an island
Strings of volcanic islands - island ______
Type of tide when sun, moon, and earth are all in a row
All the oceans are _______
Ocean valleys are _____ than valleys on land
Corals need ____, so the water can't be too deep
To take salt from ocean water
Biggest obstacle to ocean floor exploration
Most valuable resource in the oceans
Storm that can make high tides higher
_______ plain
Ocean scientist
Largest ocean
Type of tide when sun, moon, and earth form a right angle
These seem to be present where 2 tectonic plates come together
One example of an atoll