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topic 5/ 6th grade science

A hole sunk into the ground to reach a supply of water
Contains all of Earth's rock and metal
Group of parts that work together
Natural stream of water that flows into another body of water
Water changing from a liquide to a gas
The shape of the land
Water given off by leaves
When water vapor becomes liquide water
Contains all frozen components of Earth
Involves a loop in which a signal or action triggers another signal or action
Contains all living organisms on Earth
Characteristics of the land
Measure of the amount of salt in water
Land area that supplies water to a river system
Ability to do work
Process of Earth's water moving from the surface to the atmosphere
Water that forms in clouds and falls to Earth
Contains all of Earth's water
Hill of snad
Creating a map through observations made on land
Forms from the buildup of sediment in a body of water
Thin envelope of gases that forms Earth's most outer layer
A series of actions or operations leading toward a particular result
Layer of rock underground, that holds water
A small version of a larger object easier to observe
Boundary between the land and the ocean or lake
Landform with both high elevation and high relief