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Vocabulary Test Grade 8

wild in appearance, tired (GGAARDH)
to lose, to confiscate, give up (TFFOEIR)
occurring occasionally, irregular (PORADSIC)
an especially fierce attack (LSGHTONAU)
off the correct or expected course (RWAY)
characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous pursuit: very eager (VIAD)
mean larger in extent or capacity (COUIAAPCS)
a person or thing that interferes with or slows the progress of someone or something (RNCEANHID)
contrary to nature, reason or common sense, absurd (EROPPSTREOUS)
to inflict punishment on (HCASSTIED)
having no significant effect, harmless (INNGEB)
to arrest, to seize (PPEENARHD)
a place of safety: refuge (VNEAH)
producing wealth/ profitable (IVERAULTIC)
an expression or demonstration of popular acclaim, especially by enthusiastic applause (OOTIAVN)
a subject or topic of discourse (HEEMTH)
easily duped or cheated (LLBILEUG)
to impart or communicate by statement (NEVOYC)
a false or mistaken idea (LLCFYCAA)
intellectual, emotional attitude (NCETAS)
devoid of visitors,deserted (AOSTEEDL)
expert of anything (NNSSUROOCEI)
having substance and point (HYTIP)
important or significant (ICALUCR)
characterized by warmth of feeling typically expressed in eager (NTDEAR)