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Blood Culture Contamination

Prepare the insertion site with greater than 0.5% chlorhexidine in alcohol solution, using a back and forth motion for a minimum of _____ seconds and allow to dry completely.
Do not touch the ______ after preparation with greater than 0.5% chlorhexidine in alcohol solution.
_____ ___ ___ prior to inserting the needle in the skin.
Do not use ______ _____ bottles for adult blood sample because smaller volumes diminish the yield of pathogens.
Do not use a _____ ______ to obtain blood samples for culturing because these samples are more likely to produce false-positive results.
Perform ________ ________ prior to donning gloves.
________ ______ _______ of the vial prior to transferring blood into the blood culture bottles.
Collect the ______ sample first.
Do not _______ the top of the bottle after it is prepared with alcohol.
_____ ________ contamination can increase a patient’s length of stay in the hospital.
_______ is a device used to transfer the blood from the needle to the blood culture bottles.
Only perform blood cultures through ________, and not through a central line or peripheral line.
Avoid _______, which may cause a false-positive result.
In March, _________ percent was the blood culture contamination rate for the hospital.
Keep the needle hub and the connection sites __________.
Blood culture contamination can cause harm to patients by not having patients on the right ________.