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6th grade science-Topic 8

Immediate threats, volcano is very alive
Pulls on Earth's crust
Long, zipper-like chains of undersea mountains
An idea that is supported by a large diversity of evidence
Walls of rock grind past each other in opposite directions
Wave or series of waves produced by an earthquake or landslide
Bends in rock that form when compression shortens and thickens Earth's crust
Plates come together
Rock is being pushed into two different directions
Force that acts on rock to change its shape or volume
Molten rock flows up through cracks in the sea floor and hardens making new rock
Sleeping volcano
Volcano that poses very little or no threat
When magma reaches the Earth's surface
Sinking movement of ocean floor back into the mantle
A structure that forms in Earth's crust when molten material reaches Earth's surface
Shaking and trembling that results from the plate movement
Made of alternating layers of lava flows and ash falls
Undersea valleys that are the deepest parts of the ocean
Plates move apart or diverge
Plates slip past each other
Hanging wall slides up and over the footwall
An idea that can be tested by experimentation or investigation
Vibrations that travel through Earth carrying energy
200 million years ago all the continents formed this landmass
Area where lava frequently erupts at the surface
Break in the rock of Earth's crust or mantle
Molten mixture of rock-forming substances, gases, and water