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Ch. 8 Reading,Writing,Presenting & Physical Development and Health in Early Childhood

student: Crystal Jimenez
An abnormal immune system response to a specific food.
Walking around while sleeping.
Summarizing what was learned.
Supporting your views with solid evidence.
A disturbance that may be caused by accidental activation of the brains motor control system.
Not having many grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.
Asking yourself what the readers need to know.
Preference for using a particular hand.
Extreme overweight
Skimming before reading.
A thick band of nerve fibers that links the left and right hemispheres.
Putting your reading into your own words.
Talking while sleeping.
Abrupt awakening from a deep sleep in a state of agitation.
Writing should be interesting, active, and vivid.
Bad dreams
Asking yourself "What?" "why?" "how?" before reading
___ is important in any kind of writing.
Using tricks like enlarging the font or increasing the margins.
Now __ the entire assignment.