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Sports Science 1

Dense, fibrous Connective tissues that join bone to bone.
Regular endurance training results in less disruption of the blood pH during submaximal work because endurance trained muscles produce less __________.
Exercise-Induced Muscle Cramps can be caused by muscle overload/fatigue or ________ deficits
__________ stresses the body beyond its capacity to adapt, decreasing performance and physiological capacity
Static-Contraction Resistance Training is also know as _________ training.
__________ exercises are often recommended to improve flexibility and optimize the efficiency of movement.
A form of carbohydrate storage found mainly in the muscles and liver and converted to glucose for energy during running.
Swedish for "speed play." Training technique that combines variations of speeds or paces — slow, moderate, fast bursts — within a run. Can help increase speed and endurance.
Muscular ____________. Capacity to sustain a static contraction or to maintain repeated muscle contractions.
Increase in muscle size and strength.
Training to improve _________ power involves a special type of interval training. In general, the intervals are of short duration and consist of high-intensity exercise.
Principle of _________. Detraining eventually reverses all gains.
These are the long muscles along the back of the thighs.
lactate ___________. Maximum intensity or effort a runner can reach before lactate is introduced to the blood stream.
Trunk muscles around spine and viscera