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World War I

By: Emma Chandler
War tactic when two trenches are dug as bases and the land between is called "No man's land".
German submarines that torpedoed and sank enemy ships.
The process of obtaining colonies and building an empire.
When two countries agree to have each other's back in case one needs help. If a country is attacked, its ally will defend that country.
The act of building up a powerful military.
Contract that ended the war in 1919.
This country switched sides halfway through the war.
Alliance between Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Serbia, and the U.S.
Archduke of Austria-Hungary.
The country responsible for the archduke of Austria-Hungary's assassination.
Alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and Ottoman Empire.
Ship containing 197 Americans sunk by German U-boats.
Strong pride in your country and willing to defend it at any cost.
The last country to enter the war.
Acronym for militarism, alliance, imperialism, and nationalism.
______________ started the war by declaring war on another country.
The action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area.
This side won the war.
The man who shot Austria-Hungary's archduke.
World War I took place in the __________ century.