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Chapter 2 Algebra Vocabulary Crossword

Puzzle Type: Educational
k: s
Money paid to a person or company for making a sale
An amount by which an original price is reduced
Sides that are in the same position in different plane figures
Two figures that are in the same relative position
Rate with a second quantity of 1 unit
Ratio between two sets of measurements
A ratio that compares a number to 100
An amount by which a wholesale cost is increased
Equation that is true for all values of the variable
In two similar geometric figures,the ratio of their corresponding sides is called this
Method of measurement used to solve a proportion
A ratio of two quantities with different units
Equation that states a rule for a relationship among quantities
Mathematical statement that two expressions are equal
Amount of money borrowed or invested
The amount of money charged for borrowing money, or the amount of money earned when saving or investing money
Comparison of two quantities by division